ATE EL Vision

  • WE, ATE EL, Allied Technology Experts - Enterprise of Luxembourg, are a team of specialists in all aspects of technical homologation.
  • WE are aware, that the values and attitudes
                                                    Freedom and Responsibility,
                                                        Respect and Tolerance,
                                                          Openness and Trust
    are fundamentally influencing our acting.
  • WE are committed to the institutions defining the legal framework of our activity.
  • WE see our customers as important partners for which we are a professional service provider delivering high levels of satisfaction.
  • WE see our employees as the key resource shaping with their professional and social skills our business performance.
  • WE expect from our Team leaders a high level of management and leadership skills, promoting joy of work, enthusiasm, willingness, autonomy and responsibility.
  • WE adhere in our vision to a team concept, which promotes creativity and commitment in-house as well as with our business partners.
  • WE are aware, that our sustainable growth and our survivability depend on our willingness to develop our personal, professional and social competences.
  • WE consider our suppliers as strategic partners for our own development.
  • WE create added value to generate profitability and liquidity, which will give us the necessary latitude in our management decisions.
  • WE inspire trust on our employees and business partners through expertise, flexibility and loyalty.
  • WE tackle the opportunities and challenges of the future with confidence.

ATE∙EL Allied Technology Experts Enterprise of Luxembourg S.à r.l.
14, op Huefdreisch, L-6871 Wecker